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Iron Shaft: Tertius

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In this letter to his patron in Rome, the soldier Iron Shaft tells us about the Druids. Julius Caesar has marched his legions into Gaul and is recovering from his first major battle. His German enemy, Ariovistus, is invading the northern Gallic tribes and threatening to move south. He must be stopped. But before the next battle there is one small matter to take care of first; the Spring of Epona must be restarted. The black Derwid Druid sect must be driven away from this sacred site and the waters hidden in the rock made flow again. Only Iron Shaft has the means to do this so the white Druid sect sends in two of its best agents, a high Druid priest and - a beautiful, seductive girl with enough charms to make any normal man do anything she asks. Iron Shaft, as this letter shows, is not any normal man, and must use all his considerable powers to service the Druids, help Julius Caesar overcome a mutiny, defeat the German enemy - and - get the girl. He is not called Iron Shaft for nothing!

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