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Apyko: The Greek Pimp

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BarbarianSpy Rough: white slavery, dp, some reluctance

Cosmo Eracules, as an eighteen-year-old orphaned refugee of the 1973 invasion of Cyprus by Turkey, is forced to take up male prostitution in Athens to survive. He is acquired by a wealthy patron who keeps him secret from his family and world and who dies while having sex with Cosmo on a yacht he has put in Cosmo’s name. Fearing arrest for his patron’s death, Cosmo and the crewman flee across the Mediterranean on the yacht, Cosmo’s only possession, which he will rename the Apykos, and use as his home and later as his base of operations.
In Beirut he barely avoids being taken by a white slaver for sale to Arab men in the Middle East.

Rather than shrinking from the concept of young male prostitutes being taken by white slavers to sell to wealthy men, though, Cosmo embraces it. He himself becomes a pimp of young men in bad straits willing to sell their bodies to recover their fortunes. Young men who Cosmo then seduces, debauches, and sells to rich men. He mines the high-stakes casinos from Macau to Monte Carlo to Morocco to Las Vegas over nearly forty years. In the latter years he is moving just a step or two ahead of law enforcement.

Will he manage to retire and get out of the business or will the sordid past he has drifted into catch up with him?

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