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“There, perfect!” Stacey exclaimed, her soft brown eyes sparkling mischievously as she observed her handiwork. Dylan’s hands were bound to the their bedpost by a pair of lined handcuffs that Stacey had purchased from an online store for lovers and to her relief they fit around Dylan’s wrists just the way she had hoped they would. Dylan looked up at her with an unsure smile on his face, his brows furrowing as he tried to crane his neck in order to see what she had done. “Stacey, I’m not so su--” Dylan attempted to say, but Stacey shushed him and placed a palm against his lips.

Leaning forward she ran her freed hand through his short curly black hair, his dark eyes pinned to Stacey’s as she replied, “If I remember correctly you were the one who told me that I would get to do whatever I wished to wouldn’t go back on your word, now would you?” Dylan started at the lilt in Stacey’s voice, his mind trying to process this new dominant side to Stacey that he had never really encountered before. She was always so easy going and agreeable that to lay there with his arms held high above his head with her grinning down at him was more arousing than he had initially thought it would be.

Stacey removed her palm from Dylan’s mouth and leaned back, her eyes raking hotly down the length of his bound body. Dylan was naked except for a pair of briefs she had picked out for him to wear, briefs that were now bulging quite noticeably beneath the fabric. Stacey ran the fingers of her left hand down his chest, playing with the dark line of hair that ran between his pecs and down his lean chest before disappearing temptingly underneath the white band of his briefs.

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