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Dead Summit

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Fifty years ago, an event happened in the White Mountains of New Hampshire that had the potential of wiping out the entire human population within that region. The event was quickly addressed by a local group trained to handle this kind of crisis. The death toll was more than anyone had expected, but the event was ultimately silenced, hidden from the radar of the authorities. Since that time, things have been quiet... until now. Charlie and Grace have a shared goal: to summit the tallest peak in each of the 50 states. Five years ago, their journey began at Mt. George, the tallest mountain in the northeast. After Charlie sustained a damaging injury during their ascent, Grace was afraid they might never realize that goal. Five years later, they've come back to where it all began. However, injuries and unpredictable weather patterns won' be the only challenges; they'll now have to find a way to survive an outbreak of the undead. Charlie and Grace must find a way off the mountain, alive, before they succumb to the zombie plague. But there's a secret, buried beneath three-hundred years of lies and deceit. A secret that may prove even more devastating than the zombies themselves.

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