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Jake's Revenge

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Jake gathered a buckskin shirt, leggings and moccasins that his friend whiskers had left for him to change into when he bathed in the lake. He carried his change of clothing and sneaked through the campground stealthily wanting to avoid any attention to him. His hope was to reach Yani before any of the other tribe members saw him.
When he arrived at the edge of the lake, he stood back checking out the scene below. The moon cast a bright light across the shimmering water giving him a clear view of Yani floating on the water with her face turned toward the brilliant ray of stars overhead.
She had undressed and he sucked in his breath seeing her perfectly shaped tanned body clearly outlined by the sparkling water. Her breasts stood firm and erect and his mouth watered wanting to taste both. His body trembled as he thought how it would feel to place his hands around her slim waist and then to move them to where her legs parted.
When Jake walked a little closer, he placed his clean clothing on the ground and slipped off everything he wore until he stood buck naked in the semi dark atmosphere. He made his way slowly to the water and slipped beneath the current as he headed in the direction where Yani floated with her eyes closed.
Jake reached her and rose from the water placing his hands on her waist and pulling Yani into an upright position. He gathered her close in his arms and pressed her breasts tightly against his chest while using his leg to explore her hidden mystery beneath the water.

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