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Grab Bag 5

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The fifth volume of habu’s Grab Bag series is a collection of sixteen stories never before released to the market.

It is the latest in a series of standalone stories with eclectic gay male settings and plotlines presented in the order in which they were delivered to habu by his muse, within the period since the previous Grab Bag collection was assembled. In addition to stories streaming down from habu’s muse, this collection includes stories written for themed contests and ones specifically requested to be written by habu’s readers. Setting is always important in habu’s stories, and, as usual, the settings of these stories span the globe, from the United States, with the South heavily represented, to Europe, the Mediterranean, and East Asia. And, as always, there are unusual stories that take fresh approaches to men taking their pleasure with other men.

As is always the case with habu’s Grab Bag anthologies, any reader interested in reading a fresh and stimulating perspective of one man taking his enjoyment with another man will find much to be pleased with and satisfied by the stories in this collection.

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