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Snowy, Snowy Nights

38 pages30 minutes


A Christmas special for lovers of gay Erotica and Romance from habu and BarbarianSpy

Upon retreating to his mountain cabin in the Colorado Rockies in the late nineteenth century for the third Christmas since losing his lover, Seth, cattle rancher Jeremiah Carlin wakes in his austere cabin to snowfall and the discovery of a young man, Bran Niederman, huddled in his barn.
All Jeremiah wanted to do for Christmas was to be alone to mourn his lost lover. But the presence of Bran, who Jeremiah has already encountered in a male brothel in the town of Hayden, sorely tests his resolve to ignore his needs.
The situation is exacerbated as the cabin becomes snowbound and Jeremiah discovers that Bran is fleeing from his life in Hayden and is being pursued by the dangerous and powerful rancher and brothel owner, Warren Savage.

(Rancher Warren Savage and the brothel in Hayden also feature in Dirk Hessian’s historical gay drama “Fire Down the Valley”, about the battle between ranchers and farmers in Colorado.)

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