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Chakra Meditation: A Simple Yet Powerful Meditation for Transformation and Healing

35 pages20 minutes


Chakra meditation is a simple yet powerful meditation that anyone has the potential to practice. Traditionally, Chakra meditation was a method of meditation only taught to those dedicated to the yogic path but in this new modern world, Chakra meditation has become available to us all.

The purpose of this book is to provide the reader with a smooth and easy entry into the practice of Chakra meditation. The technique itself it very easy to do, yet to gain the full impact and benefits of this technique, other elements and qualities will also need to be cultivated alongside this practice. This is because for any meditation to be effective, the mind and body need to be somewhat prepared and this book explains and explores these other elements and qualities that will need to be cultivated at some point along the path.

After reading this little book you will know:
- The initial preparations required for more effective meditation
- How to develop better concentration
- How to practice Chakra meditation
- When to practice meditation
- More about the 8 limbs of Yoga
- and more..

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