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Eleven to the Dogs

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The guidance given to men seeking a lasting, caring relationship with another man often is to look for a man with a dog. If the man you are considering to do more than just hook up with briefly and casually owns a dog, he is likely to be a patient, caring, unselfish, loyal person, all good ingredients for a serious long-term relationship. He pretty much would have to be to have and care for a dog. Of course a corollary of this guidance is to look for the type of dog he has. If the man has a pit bull, you’d best be shopping for someone who is dominant and forceful; if a Pekinese, you probably should expect to find a sub—and perhaps a somewhat temperamental one.

Among the stories in Eleven to the Dogs, you will find stories illustrating just such finds in establishing relationships.
As the guidance is well known, though, you also will find stories here of men who don’t actually own dogs pretending they do as a subterfuge for finding the man they want—one looking for men with the patience, unselfishness, and loyalty to own a dog. And gay or not, as these stories illustrate, there is no relationship as strong as that between a man and his dog.

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