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Gotta Keep Trying: The D.C. Vice Cop and the Rent-Boy

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A BarbarianSpy Gay Erotic Love Story.

Hardesty cruises the gay male clubs of Washington, D.C., where his interest is in checking out the ages of the young men dancing the poles. One night he focuses on a lithe young-looking dancer with a blond Mohawk and a provocatively placed gecko tattoo who looks far too innocent yet also very sexy.

Hardesty is enticed to go beyond just checking out the young man’s age, and he places a fifty on his table and waits for the blond with the gecko tattoo to join him after his set. The young man arrives and introduces himself as Todd. He is both shy and provocative, and Hardesty is so lost to his desires that he takes him away from the club. In the motel he goes far beyond what he knows he should do, but is Hardesty’s almost obsessive desire for Todd going to be dangerous or does it actually mean something more is on Hardesty’s mind?

The world of underground sex in a big city can be dangerous, even fatal, for a young man who is alone and naive. And it’s not always easy for a young guy like Todd to know who is really a friend.

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