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Rider's High (Motorcycle Club Romance)

21 pages18 minutes


Mary has just returned home for Spring Break. However, her mother has a date lined up for her to help a friend at work. She begrudgingly agrees to have a night out with this mystery date before spending the rest of the week partying with her friends. Mary's disdain turns to delight when she discovers her date is a tall and hunky man named Robert. A member of the prestigious Pegasus Motorcycle Club, the well-connected biker is her ticket into the hottest nightclubs in the city. She'll be more than delighted to show off the handsome rider off to her friends.

The biker is charismatic yet gruff and emotionally withdrawn. Robert hides emotional scars from a past relationship. A tragic accident has robbed him of a lover and fellow biker. The biker has taken to riding aimlessly throughout the night. Soon, Mary becomes attracted to the quiet sorrow. Hidden in Robert's heart. To his surprise, the taciturn biker takes interest in the patient, thoughtful woman who doesn't know how to ride a motorcycle. Mary hopes she can ease the biker's pain in way no joy ride could ever do. Even if it is for one night.

EXPLICIT: This 18+ story contains graphic language and imagery such as a hot sensual encounter between an adventurous woman and a devastatingly handsome biker who hides a tragic past. This erotically charged romance might be too hot to handle!


Needless to say, I felt rush a blood to the inside of my legs. “Wow...”

“I’ve been so long without a woman,” he growled, sitting down next to me. “I thought I could recover one day and find someone. But it needed to be someone special. And I think I’ve found her.”

The next minute was a blur.

He tugged at my shirt as I tried to get the jeans off of him. I managed to get it off of him as he stripped my torso of clothing. We had all of this emotion holed up in our bodies. It was like unwinding a toy car.

We had taken the time to understand and know each other on a personal level before this physical encounter. I could sense a conflict within him. Robert was deciding if he could move on from the memory of Dawn and enjoy the comfort of another woman or not. Yet, our mutual desire was much too strong.

He planted his lips on mine. The kiss was primal and so fierce that it completely robbed my lungs of air.

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