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Princess And The Sheikh 4

41 pages43 minutes


Princess Reshma -un-bin- jalal is in danger, and from none other then, Sheikh Danish , also known as Zaid. A killer in disguise of a stable boy, Zaid is sent to the aloof country side to kill Reshma, unaware of the chemistry, which explodes between both of them. Reshma is in awe of this shy stranger, unaware of his dangerous intentions towards her. But, as the situation becomes more dangerous for both of them, and not just in case of sexuality but emotions, too, Zaid and Reshma acknowledges the fact about the sexuality and the emotional strings they share with each other. But, neither of them is prepared for the truth, which is about to be flashed before them. Will they be able to take it? Will Zaid succeed in killing the princess, who makes his emotions all blur just by a mere smile??

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