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Iron Shaft: Quartus

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Caesar needs money - he always needs money. Having settled matters in Rome he sends his legions north in Gaul to collect what they can. Iron Shaft goes with them. He has been promoted and is now in charge of the legion hospital, a job that his General hopes will keep him out of trouble, especially with the more beautiful of the female Gauls. Unfortunately Caesar’s enemies are not all barbarians - some are in his own camp and eating at his own table. Disaster follows. A battle is almost lost; a sea monster is found. Caesar is struck down and only Iron Shaft can save him by going to another country across the water and recovering the sacred ingredients he needs to restore his health. Meanwhile the Druids are plotting and carrying out their own plans. Iron Shaft falls under the spell of a bewitching Druid priestess, who has her own agenda and who prophecies Caesar’s destiny - but only if he follows her instructions! In this letter Iron Shaft tells us about Roman medicine, Druid politics, dastardly plots against Caesar and sets sail across the Narrow Sea to the Island of Dogs, where he helps find the one object that can save Caesar and the one object his enemy needs more than any other. He also is of special service to the wickedly beautiful little Druid.

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