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Trading Partners

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A Gay Romance for Valentines Day.

It's coming up to St. Valentine's Day, and Avery, a handsome, hunky, and highly successful Richmond lawyer is, or so he’s convinced himself, on the cusp of a big lifestyle change—driven as much by his own sense that he’s aging out of the game as that anyone else is telling him so. He has always had it all and skimmed along the top with everything going his way, whether it’s burnishing his public image by being pictured in the society pages escorting pencil-thin models to gallery openings and concerts in Richmond or picking up young men for rough-sex, one-night stands in Virginia Beach.

With his fifty-fifth birthday looming, he has been trying to settle down with a one-and-only young man, living very discretely in his Fan district colonial mansion. His latest attempt to do so with VCU graduate art student, Dominick, goes sour when the flighty and effervescent Dominick shows signs of restlessness. Avery is shocked when Dominick suggests a couple’s swap date to spice up their life. He drags his heels despite his growing attraction to Kelsey, chosen for him in the swap, as his plans for his future start to spiral out of his control.

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