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Games Girls Play

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Games Girls Play

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Aarav, a licentious middle-aged professor teaching at a private college; locked out of the warm embrace of his enchanting but celibate wife; preys upon the female students on his watch by plying them with free lunches, gifts and drink-sodden good times. On a field trip to the Punjab, he succeeds in his lustful plans and seduces three wild friends: Mrinal, Lalita and Harpy, when drinks are had and inhibitions are shed. Once done, he cools off, but the girls have other designs. Having tasted blood, they plan to extract favors in return for services rendered. Requests of a petty kind soon escalate into dangerous blackmail bringing the professor shame and financial ruin.
Theft of a poster idea leads to a humiliating public spat between Harpy and Aarav, and he ends up threatening her darkly. She dies in an accident soon after; her other two friends thinking the professor has caused it; panic for their own safety. They make a crude plan to quickly dispatch him out of the way by giving him a taste of his own bitter medicine, but things go wrong, horribly wrong.
By their own betrayed, their own betraying, can the girls escape suffering the consequences of their acts? Can the adulterous professor be forgiven- redeemed in the eyes of his devoted family? Can the regal Mrs. Acharya, gentle in speech, rooted in her unwavering faith; in grief avenge her husband, restore the family estates, and nourish his dreams of a fashion degree in France for their doting daughter?
When the breath departs, and the man; if he is not done yet; does the spirit linger and walk the earth till it is delivered?

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