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Dazzle Eagles

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Sea eagles, Lovedot and Fresh, struggle to breed chicks on the Long Lake where their species was hunted out a hundred years ago. They are attacked by crows, gulls, swallows, swifts and Black-Nest - an investment banker. She owns a water plane and shoots any bird that interferes with her scheme to develop the lake into a commercial runway. The eagles find themselves returned to a world in rapid change with extreme weather and many species vanishing forever as civilization faces annihilation from melting ice flooding the Earth. Radical birds revolt against Black-Nest for poisoning the sky. However, only cooperation between birds, eagles and sympathetic humans can stop Black-Nest and save their natural paradise. This intriguing political allegory - wrapped around a compelling love story with a side serving of slapstick - is a metaphorical treatment of the perennial battle between those who see Nature as an ally and others who want to rebuild her in their own image. Dazzle Eagles is suitable for open-minded adults and children of all ages. The birds seem to stay with readers, nesting in our hearts, and whistling to us to save planet Earth.

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