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Home to Fire Island ( A Gay Erotica/ Gay Coming of Age)

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Eighteen-year-old Danny realizes that he wants to have men make love to him, but he feels trapped in a dull town in the middle of Long Island and torn. A book on the open gay lifestyle of Fire Island, just a short bus ride from his own town, sends Danny on an end-of-beach-season adventure in which he seeks every man-on-man sexual activity experience that he can acquire in search of the ultimate satisfaction. Given his youth and very good looks, he is able to acquire quite a lot of sexual experience very quickly as he works as a server and pole dancer in a rowdy gay beach bar.

Not having had a normal family life since the only manifestation of his natural dad that came home from the Iraq war were his dog tags, Danny only slowly realizes that what he actually is looking for is a stable life with a mature man who will take good care of him. As he comes to this revelation, two such men appear in his life—the secretive, controlling Lawrence, who comes to Danny from a beach-front mansion with no promises, only demands, and the architect and marina owner, Kyle, who is already desperately trying to make a relationship work when Danny first meets him, but who Danny discovers has a unique and exhausting way of possessing a man.

Will Danny find the satisfaction and stability he seeks before the end of the Fire Island season, or will he be forced back to his dull and unsatisfying life in his hometown?

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