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The White Falcon: Heir to a Legacy: Book One

391 pages6 hours


What would you do if all your dreams were suddenly shattered? If the one you loved you could not save? If all your nightmares became real, and there was no way in hell you could wake up? Thus is the dilemma facing Kyle Webster; an up and coming world class fencer who wakes up injured and confused on what he first thinks is an Amish farm in Northern Europe. Quickly discovering all is not what it seems, he is soon drawn into a deadly duel of swords with a local lord's son that almost costs him his life. Forced to flee with the farmer who found him, Kyle ends up learning the truth about where he comes from and sets off on a quest to reclaim what is rightfully his and battle a terrible evil that threatens to destroy everyone and everything around him. Swiftly crossing paths with a beautiful Bandit, a noble Knight, a grief stricken Ranger and a mysterious cloaked figure of immeasurable power, Kyle's sanity is eventually stretched to the limit as he struggles to maintain a sense of reality in a world he hopes is still just a dream.

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