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Rouse the Crowd: How to Interact with Audiences for Gigs They Can't Forget

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Are you or your band being held back by luke-warm gig crowd reactions when you play shows?

Do you need to know How to Promote Your Music or act and really connect with your gig crowds as soon as you get up on stage? How about turning even the most unresponsive audience into enthusiastic fans who will sing your praises to everyone they meet for weeks after the gig?

Maybe you need to know something about how to overcome stage fright or nerves so you can relax and play the kind of gigs which will build your fan base or music career – and give you and the crowd a great night every time you step on stage?

If this sounds like you or your act, then this ebook is for you. Learn PROVEN methods to better gig crowd reactions that really work.

-How to overcome stage fright and develop super-confidence & presence onstage
- How to maximise positive crowd interaction at every gig – no matter how large (or small) the crowd
-3 key ways to make a crowd warm to you before you play a single note
-Secret ways to spot the most responsive crowd members in seconds- and how to use this to quickly build your overall crowd rapport
-11 sure-fire moments in every gig where you can build your crowd connection
-How to rouse any crowd even without an extrovert front-person
-How to confidently talk to audiences in any situation onstage
-Tried and tested one-liners to win every crowd

From the author of Gig-Getter: How to Get more gigs than you can play

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