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Melinda is befriended by Kim, a temper-prone martial arts expert, and her wise-cracking nerdy brother, Paul. Melinda is a very unusual young woman who can talk to aliens, or, at least, so she believes. Also, in private, she indulges in a very disturbing pastime which shocks Kim and Paul when they find out. Melinda proves to have some predictive psychic ability although she hates its use because of all the trouble that usually occurs because of it. Unknown to them all, the governmental Department of Defence is interested in Melinda’s ability to converse with extra-terrestrials, none of whom, let it be quite understood, the government is holding captive, and especially not in a secret building not far from where Melinda is living. Also, despite evidence to the contrary, the Department is definitely not responsible for the various physical and mental attacks on Melinda, or so they claim. Does the alien actually exist or not? The issue is somewhat confused, but is finally decided once and for all during a planned break-and-enter scenario orchestrated by Kim, Paul and Melinda, who are all desperate to know the truth. In the meantime, Melinda repays Kim’s hospitality by presenting her with the rarest of bizarre gifts……..
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