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China's Romance with Missiles
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China’s Romance with Missiles follows the story of a poor young man named Biao drafted into a continental-sized war involving Pakistan, India, and China on the Kashmir border. After surviving the front line of battle, he is almost placed in prison. Instead, he is placed on clean-up duty after Pakistan is defeated. From a chance encounter, he receives high recommendation and passes counterintelligence tests to become a spy. Meanwhile, he struggles with his romantic relationships and almost loses his best friend. He returns home after months in service to find his parents had been drafted into service and his best friend is studying law and is in a large suit against the mistreatment of his minority Chinese group, the Subei, and others. His friend becomes deeper involved in finding the truth, to his own endangerment. Biao finds himself going on ever more dangerous missions.

Then the unexpected happens—the entire Muslim world attacks China. Can Biao protect his best friend, parents, and his crumbling relationship? Can he even protect himself? What is the future of his people, the Chinese?

Read China’s Romance with Missiles to find out!

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