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My Name, Yahweh: The Name of God Yahweh Series Book 4 - 7 Days Devotion

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This weekly devotion series on the Name of God, Yahweh will revolutionize your prayer life. You can use the following week to use this book to guide your daily devotions. The daily devotions are meant to be short so that you can meditate the important points easily. All devotions have applications to your prayer life.

In "My Name, Yahweh" Book 4, you will learn to importance of "My Name". We will see the importance through the eyes of Psalmists, Ezekiel, Moses, and Jesus.

This is a topic I had totally neglected in my 25 years of ministry in the church. I show you Bible statistics, Original Hebrew text about the importance of God's Name. I try to keep the technical terms in an easy to read level so that you can use this as your devotional guide to appreciate the significance of God's Name.

Once you apply these spiritual insights into your life, it will transform your prayer life. This is why I put this series in 'short' devotional meditations so that you do not need to read a lot, but to meditate more deeply on the spiritual principles to take effect in your prayer life.

Day 1: "My Name" - 52X

Day 2: He Knows My Name - Psalm 91:14-15

Day 3: I will Proclaim My Name - through Moses

Day 4: "Yahweh, Yahweh" - Exodus 34:5-7

Day 5 "My Holy Name" - Ezekiel 39:7

Day 6: I come in "My Father's Name" - John 5:43

Day 7: The name of Father written on their foreheads - Revelation 22:4

Rosa Suen

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