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How to Grow Low Cost Organic Veggies

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Are you wary of buying organic food? Do the moans and complaints about the prices concern you? Do you want to eat healthier, but are worried about the cost?

How to Grow Low Cost Organic Veggies is a guide written to help everyday people grow their own fresh organic food without blowing the budget or spending too much time in the garden. With this book, you can create a garden which will save you time and money, while providing you with healthy, fresh, local food all year round. You can get the food you want in your own backyard.

In this book you will learn how to
•Why growing your own food is better for you, for your family and for our planet
•The benefits of eating organically grown food
•Design and build garden beds to suit your lifestyle and your climate
•Make your own compost and plant supplements from things your already have
•Manage pests and diseases in order to maximise food production
•How to choose what to grow and how to give it what it needs
•What to do with your excess produce to keep yourself fed all year round

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