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The Man with Three Names and other stories

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This is a collection of three short stories with a common thread of the supernatural. "The Man with Three Names" is unquestionably "literary" fiction in that it is carefully crafted to be confusing, and leave the reader to decide what it means. "684 Feet" is more light-hearted, except for the attempted suicide foiled by what may or may not be an angel. "Butterfly" is a flash fiction piece that is as insightful as it is is devastating. I have included this piece because no one seems interested in publishing it, and I feel it illustrates my skills excellently.
Included in the book are coupons for my upcoming book "Love Transcends" that I hope to release for Valentines day, and my current novel "Murphy's Second Death." The book is free, and the coupons will save you 50%. Enjoy.

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