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The Puppy Tales -or- It's a Dog's Life -or2- How I Survive, Knowing Almost Half of My Pets Can Probably Beat Me at Chess

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Star: (the Evil Genius) "Open up the book! Our front ends are much cuter!"
Nova: (the Princess) "Mine is, anyway."
Loki: (the Stud Muffin) "Umm..."
Nova: "Put a leash on it Pee-Wee!"
Loki: "Not so small!"
Me: (the Author) "Okay, puppies. Why don't you guys save it for the inside of the book?"
Star: (stating matter-of-factly) "They might as well. ...It don't get any better than this."
Annie: (the Psycho-herder that adores me) "Yes, it does! Dad writes real good!"
Nova: (who must always argue with Annie, regardless) "No, he doesn't."
Cody: (correcting Annie's grammar ...because she can ...and will) "Real well."
Nova: (because ...well ...just because) "Not that either."
Me: (applying Puppy Politics and opening the back door) "Puppies go out."
Puppies: (the pack heads out into the back yard to run or argue, or whatever)
Yah. So. ...that's kinda how it goes. This is a book about my pack of pups - Border Collies and Shetland Sheepdogs, and a Golden Retriever. ...three of the top six breeds on the Dog IQ chart, and how I survive knowing that most of them are smarter than I am.
Cody: "I prefer the term Canine Person. ...Mother let us back in through the other door."

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