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Tips & Tricks For Keyholders: An Addendum to 'A KeyHolder's Handbook'

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Georgia Ivey Green has done a fantastic job of understanding the chaste male. Her years of experience as a female dominant (Femdom) are passed along to the reader in clear, no-nonsense terms. This is the perfect companion to her previous book 'A KeyHolder's Handbook.'
This volume guides the dominant woman (or woman in charge) through every step she needs to take to get the most from her relationship. She will get a few tips and learn some dirty tricks on how to positively effect her man's behavior. How to discipline him should he need it. And best of all, how to make the relationship work the way it should. She will even learn how to play “Unfair” games that will give her man hope, while not actually satisfying his desires.
Ms. Green's approach to controlling your man makes 'Tips & Tricks For Keyholders' one of the best, most insightful books of its kind. She explains how to understand and use your partner's fantasies to keep him as aroused as possible all day, everyday. She teaches the average woman how to take control and keep it.

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