The First Human War

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The First Human War

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Length: 443 pages6 hours


Book One of the award-winning Tales of the Antares Rangers Series ...

Life is a challenge when you are one of only five children living on a secret research and development base in a star system filled with asteroids. Each day begins when an engineer turns on the overhead lights; it ends when the lights go out. There are no forests or parks to wander within; no mountains or hills to climb. The warmth of the white-hot sun called Vega can't even be felt on your face. The highlight of each day is attending class with four friends chosen for you by circumstance, but even the pleasures of school are reduced to the impersonal lesson plans received from a programmed computer.

This is the life of Peter Rising Sun Campbell and his four classmates, stuck within a web of tunnels inside a sterile asteroid orbiting among millions, simply because an alien race is trying to exterminate your species. How could life get any more difficult?

Peter, Stiles, Henrietta, Ali, and Jimmy are about to find out.

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