The Orb of Jabbah

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The Orb of Jabbah

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Length: 401 pages5 hours


Book Three of the award-winning Tales of the Antares Rangers Series ...

The crew of the living starship, Sampson K. Perry, accept the disgraced D'war'en heir, Alffinnr, as a new crew member. While still on the D'war'en home planet, they discover clues about a mysterious weapon that might help in their war against the Wasatti. But to find the Orb, they must travel to another star and search an entire planet.
Alffinnr is accepted on the ship only after he promises to help the crew find the Orb. But he is not even sure what it looks like, let alone what it does or where it might be.
When they arrive at the Jabbah System, the crew finds an advanced civilization protecting their entire planet, keeping all visitors away for the past 50,000 years. Convincing the Al’Va to let them be the first outsiders to visit their world won’t be an easy task.
Meanwhile, Stiles remains on the ship at the Al’Va Space Station and runs into a new race of fun-loving aliens. The Sargassians seem helpful; maybe they will be willing to help the humans in their quest.

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