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Consult the Occult (with Curse of Impatience)

53 pages42 minutes


Cultists are always burdened with a dark secret to hide; some of them, one more silly in nature.

Andrew, the desire for revenge in his heart, approaches an occult to see if they can exact the punishment he wants. Except, despite his previous impression of what a cult consists of, it is discovered that these ones are less than adequate at the job given to them. Can Andrew make it out of the den of black magic with his honour and sanity intact?

A humorous short story at 4,700 words.


This story also comes with the short story 'Curse of Impatience', a tale about a witch who just can't wait for her own curse to take effect, and tries to speed up the process with her own two hands. A humorous short story at 4,000 words.

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