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The Lean Startup Eric Ries (BusinessNews Publishing Book Summary)

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Never forget that learning is the true measure of progress for a startup. The aim of any startup should be first and foremost to use scientific experimentation to discover how to build a sustainable business. Anything else is a bonus.

The standard approach to building a startup usually goes something like this:

Someone comes along with a vision which is often a variation of Let’s go build a thriving business which produces a world-class product that consumers ove.

To achieve that vision, a strategy gets developed along the lines of:

This is the business model we will use.

Here is our planned product and service lineup.

We’d like to work with these partners.

Our competitors will be these firms.

Our target customers will have these traits.

The end result of that strategy is a product or service then gets made and sold in the marketplace.

Using this model, the conventional view of an entrepreneur is someone who is hard driving, not easily distracted by detours along the way and who has a Just do it attitude and determination. Entrepreneurs come on board and steer the startup through to where the product is in the marketplace and marketing is working its magic. Setbacks are merely learning opportunities along the way to ultimate