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The Second Coming of Steve Jobs Alan Deutschman (BusinessNews Publishing Book Summary)

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This ebook offers a summary of the book "The Second Coming of Steve Jobs" by Alan Deutschman. Alan Deutschman is one of America's leading writers on change and innovation.

In The Second Coming of Steve Jobs, he tells the story of Steve Jobs, Apple Computer CEO and cofounder. The first part of the book covers his period at NeXT. The author then writes about his success at Pixar, Jobs' Animation Studio, and thirdly about his comeback to Apple followed by the introduction of iMac.

Deutschman interviewed nearly 100 colleagues and friends to draw this unprecedented portrait of Steve Jobs. However, Jobs himself apparently declined to be interviewed by Deutschman. Still, Deutschman provides a privileged look inside the man's life. He has succeeded in capturing some elements of Job's inner self which many are curious to discover.

There is indeed a wide interest for Steve Job's life as he has become a world icon. The Second Coming of Steve Jobs offers a very thrilling story as it presents one of the greatest turnarounds: Steve Jobs had initially been fired from Apple in 1985 but made his comeback in 1997 and rescued the company he had originally cofounded. This book is a must read for all those wishing to discover the fascinating personality, life and successes of Steve Job.

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