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New York Times bestselling author of True Love, Jude Deveraux returns with the enchanting second contemporary romance in her Nantucket Brides trilogy.
Beautiful, hardworking Toby Wyndam is always so busy helping others she never has time for herself. Graydon Montgomery is heir to the Lanconian throne, and desperate for a week of freedom from his royal duties before he has to marry the eligible queen-in-training he unfortunately doesn't love. When they meet at a wedding, Toby is the only one able to tell Graydon apart from his twin, Rory -- an ability that supposedly marks her as his true love. Dismissing the legend as silly nonsense, Toby agrees to hide Graydon on Nantucket in exchange for his help planning the lavish wedding of bestselling novelist Victoria Madsen. Toby and Graydon are determined to be just friends, but as July slips into August, the romantic island paradise casts its spell and soon it seems like maybe Victoria won't be the only Nantucket bride this summer.
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