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The Star of India

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The Star of India traces the life of a young Frenchman of noble birth. He is trained to become a world shaper. Set in the colorful time of the 18th century European East India Companies, Jean-Louis Dupon perseveres as he strives to take his place as a royal of France. From a life of privilege to life on the run as a hunted fugitive, the young world shaper adapts and overcomes every obstruction to his life's purpose. As he gains experience, he learns to shape the world that he believes to will his subordination or death. Marvel at how he glides down the razor's edge that separates two paths. He might become a leader for great good. He could become an instrument of the downfall of mankind. He is never alone during his incredible journey. Many goodhearted and gracious people help him along the way. Yet, as he learns to cheat destiny, he is tempted to use or betray those who have helped him. Enjoy the excitement of a royal's quest while the Kings of Europe battle for supremacy throughout the world. The Star of India is the second novel of a three novel drama series called A Voice from New Mill Creek. After the introduction of the world shaper is complete, this novel continues the story of The Methodists that began in the first book of the series.

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