Sword and Sorcery Adventure: Winter's Cold Heart

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Sword and Sorcery Adventure: Winter's Cold Heart

Length: 60 pages1 hour


Swords . . . Sorcery . . . Adventure . . . A tale told at the most personal level of heroism and action. Warriors battle against their fate with skill, cunning, and bravado.

Blood & Death . . . Minor obstacles in the struggle for life.

Victory! . . . Only the strong live to see another day.

Journey with heroes who don’t know the meaning of defeat. Visit worlds unseen. Face incredible danger at the hands of a merciless foe. Feel the action of a Sword & Sorcery Adventure . . .

# Winter's Cold Heart

When he visits the tribe of the Elk, Leif Jurgensen falls for the chief’s beautiful daughter. The man that slays the local monster will be offered her hand in marriage. Leif volunteers for the task. But when Anneke, the chief's daughter, makes a special request, Leif struggles to make the difficult choice between what his heart desires and his honor demands.

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