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The End Time Worship Army: Choosing a Life of Worship that Changes Cities and Nations

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WORSHIP UNLOCKS THE EVERLASTING GATES FOR THE KING OF GLORY TO COME INTO CITIES AND NATIONS!We are living in one of the greatest hours in human history. God is raising up an army that He has destined to usher in the second coming of His Son Jesus Christ. While much of the modern world is living in the turmoil and uncertainty of perilous economic times, this army is arising from the altars of worship, carrying a lovesick heart for their Bridegroom Jesus Christ. This End Time Worship Army will play a key role in the last days while the Lord is covering the Earth with His glory!In this book, Chris Humphrey takes us through a powerful scriptural journey in the life of true worshipers. Jesus revealed to the woman at the well that the Father is seeking true worshipers—ones who worship in Spirit and in truth. This book is an in-depth look into the heart of the Father and what He is looking for in His worshipers. From his own personal journey to the lives of key biblical examples, Chris reveals the army of true worshipers that is filling the earth today. May these pages fill you with revelation of the beauty of Jesus to ignite a heart of worship within you to join this End Time Army.

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