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Dreaming Immortality

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Special contribution by Nikola Danaylov - This novel was published since 2007 in three different versions, all of them downloadable for free from the Author’s website. The first one – Dreaming Immortality – stands out for the variety of the characters, the range of Transhumanist issues as well as for its articulated story. Script available.

24th century. Three races: humans, artificial intelligences and souls obtained by digitizing the brain. Deep differences, incompatible interests. An interstellar voyage to avoid a war, a sect determined to interfere.
Suspense, action, but also considered thoughts. The main characters move in a context of epoch-making events, rising to leaders. Their world, alien at the beginning, becomes plausible from the continuous references to the present reality until it seems an inevitable evolution.
From this, a powerful and disquieting comparison with our current civilization emerges; that stripping away layer after layer of conventions and prejudices, leaves us at last face to face with the basic values and the fragility of a human being.
In the novel, these same factors will give Mankind the strength to take courageous decisions for its own destiny. Meanwhile, the artificial intelligence reveals itself as the means of evolutionary progress towards superior states of awareness and sharing...

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