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Cancun Sun

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Amanda stretched her body out beneath the Cancun sun. So far, her impromptu vacation had been worth every dime. She’d spent leisurely hours on the beach and garnered a nice tan to return to Nebraska with. A frown crossed her face. Nebraska. She had to go back. It wasn’t her favorite thought. As a matter of fact, she’d found herself wishing more and more that she could just abandon all of her responsibilities there and start over somewhere else. Cancun didn’t seem like such a bad place to live. She closed her piercing blue eyes behind her name brand shades. She’d think about Nebraska tomorrow when she was on her flight back. Right now, all she would think about is the sun on her skin and sound of the waves lapping at the shore.
She looked like an amazon stretched on the beach. The soft golden glow of her skin and her dark brown hair spread around her cause quite the enchantment. Salvador watched her from the bar as he worked. He’d admired her from that same spot on the beach every morning for the last three days. He wondered if her skin was as soft as it looked. She was utterly mouthwatering to look at. Salvador bought his attention back to the guest he was servicing. He didn’t know how long she would be in town, but he’d met her tonight some way or another.
Amanda finished her sunbathing. She’d take a dip in the ocean before strolling to the bar for a drink. Normally, she’d only get some modest cocktail. The combination of the Cancun sun and alcohol always took her a little over the edge. Today though, she wanted something stronger. She took a seat at the outdoor bar. There were two bartenders servicing everyone. She waited for her turn patiently. She wasn’t sure what she wanted anyway. ..until he stood in front of her.

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