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Bloody Hills

304 pages4 hours


In this western from Charles G. West, a murderous gunslinger gets a taste of vigilante justice...

Diminutive but deadly, Billy Ray Blevins raised hell in Dry Fork with his lightning-fast gunplay. But there’s only so much cold-blooded murder a town can stand. With a hanging party hot on his trail, Billy Ray decides to lay low in the Black Hills—the perfect sanctuary for a man on the run.
When the posse gives up, the widow and the deputy of two of Billy Ray’s victims are forced to go it alone. Neither is cut out to hunt down a kill-crazy gunslinger. So, they enlist the help of Clay Culver—a scout with a shady past and a fast draw whose tracking skills are second to none. But they’re about to find out that the only thing worse than seeing a crazed killer go free is having him catch up with you when you least expect it… 

“This is the West as it really was—savage, heroic, and unforgettable.”—Ralph Compton

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