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…long awaited sequel to Warp and Weft …journey now on the
Silken Web where…
…the Wheel of the year has turned twice since Sybille disappeared
mysteriously and the women charged with fi nding her have grown
beyond recognition…, as has the group who gathered from all
realms to help…
…Sam fl ew through the Aethers, unfettered, free of all human
burden and pain. A cool, fragrant wind, ruffl ed long fl ight quills,
all memory gone, of who or what she was, had been or ever would
be, in that moment. Carried under a cloak of musky-sweet feathers;
safe, a gentle recall emerged of warm arms and soft down.
…Then, something was pulling at her, tugging at her mind
insistently; ‘Sam,’ she heard. ‘Sam, come back, it’s not your time
to leave.’
…An acrid odour seared her nostrils; offensive, as burnt feathers
or hair and she fought to maintain her blissful fl ight away from the
realms of pain and dark matters.
…A voice grew stronger, this one deeper, a masculine melodic
tone; Morgan sang to her, calling her back… ‘Life is a struggle when
we see through the veil… hands become fragile; skin fair and pale. Come
home from the dreaming… come back to this place, now’s no time to travel,
come home from this space. You are a dreamer, one who sees true… memories
awaken …feather’s blue-black hue. Free fl ying… falling… then higher you
soar, come home from your dreaming… there is more… so much more.’
…Come with them on the next stage of the search as Sam learns
disturbing and heartbreaking things about her passage through the
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