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The Bloodsayer

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A tale of epic fantasy! Lef Maresco, a young man of humble birth has been revealed as the new Kiros Conflicti, the Lord of Battles. He alone has the right to wield the Risen Blade. As he leads his army against dark forces in the Eastern Kingdoms in an attempt to restore the ancient dream of Nurea one of his newest allies falls under attack from the west. The Kingdom of Almare is invaded by a long silent enemy known as the Westerlings, brute beast like creatures who have returned to steal the souls of men. With the Lord of Battles at war in the east all that stands between Almare and disaster is a small garrison of soldiers in Alderfale. As hope of reinforcement dwindles a stranger steps forward, a thief in a stolen Almaren uniform: A man who earns the name of Bloodsayer.

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