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Katie Experiences #3: Desire for Dragons (Dragon Erotica)

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Katie must find all the artifacts in the virtual reality game in order to escape, the third artifact is being kept by a fearsome dragon in the north. The petite mage only has one thing on her side, her sex appeal. When she meets up with the fearsome dragon he takes her to the altar and makes expose herself to him. Will she be his sacrifice or his satisfaction? And why does she desire this dragon? Can she get the dragon under her spell or will she be defeated?

Follow Katie in her third erotic installment with marble, shape shifters, and wet, seeking dragon tongues that do more than just explore.

Suddenly there was a burst of sunlight as the dragon flew out of the cave and into the bright blue sky, sharply turning upwards and jolting Katie back. Even though she thought the large creature was mostly uninterested in her, it seemed to make an effort to keep her from falling off. She looked between her legs to see what the dragon looked like, her dress hiked up around her waist. She was straddling a large red dragon with shiny scales that caught the sunlight and glowed, the wingspan was at least four or five times her height and its head had angry looking spikes that reminded her of a crown. It was a dragon. It was a very large dragon. How was she going to get this large creature to become her ally in any way shape or form?

She wanted to grab onto something, the tingling feeling of fear running through her at being so high and sliding around on a creature she couldn’t get hold of, then the dragon landed with an inelegant thud on top of a mountain. She fell off the side and landed on her back, all the air escaping her lungs as she stared up at the red creature who had flown her up to the small clearing.

The dragon had red eyes and they looked down at her disbelievingly, uninterested, and yet concerned. She was a sight to behold, her dress still hiked up around her thighs, her chest heaving as she struggled to regain all the air that was knocked out of her, her blue dress glowing brighter in the sunlight as if it was warning her that she was in danger. “You are weak for a human,” the dragon proclaimed and his tongue came out again, forked and flicking in the air as it made the slow journey up her legs.

It traveled higher; the warm wet tongue trailed up her thighs, caressing her skin, feeling every inch of her before it hit the hem of her dress, only a few inches from her uncovered sex and she couldn’t help but moan

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