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Doctor Twitch Gender Switch

31 pages24 minutes


Poor Will has suffered from chronic pain since college, but now that he’s nearing thirty it’s gotten so bad that he’s missing work. As a last resort he agrees to meet with Dr. Daisy Twitch, an expert on chronic pain. She has just the thing for him, a dose of Bimblify!

When Will wakes up on Dr. Twitch’s exam table, he quickly realizes that the Bimblify transformed him into Willa! The sexy doctor isn’t done with her patient yet, she needs to give Willa a full medical exam to see just how effective the Bimblify really was, along with something else she has in mind!

Doctor Twitch Gender Switch is a 6,500 word work of erotic fiction. It contains gender swap, medical play, bimbofication, and tons of erotic fun.

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