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Bones: A Steaming Pistons Steampunk Story

48 pages39 minutes


Welcome to the strange city of Odnnol, a muddled, mysterious metropolis that mirrors our own reality, but in a bygone age that possibly never happened. Or did it? Perhaps our age never happened and this one did? Who can really say in the world of imagination and multiple realities? Queen Vitriolica sits on the throne, spitting bile and bitter expletives at her errant subjects, while the Tribish Empire rules the waves, and a considerable portion of the land as well. Keen author Philbert Chicory takes you on a wild escapade meeting a zombi (as it was spelt back then) detective and his sidekick, whom you may or may not recognise, along with the leading character, Mopsy, a small, yet tenacious pug dog. These intrepid adventurers embark on an investigation to find the culprit of the disgusting custard murders, the elusive Rick the Japer, and get involved in one of the greatest capers of the century. The trio face fearsome foes and adversity as they get closer to the truth, in a ripping, rollicking, rivetting tale of high excitement and steampunk fun. Do fear the Japer! Who knows where he might strike next?!

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