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Raylene’s boyfriend, Dillon is about to come over any minute. She sends her daughter, Starla, out to get some cough syrup, hoping she’ll feel better before Dillon comes over. But, the horny college student has other plans! She’s been watching her Momma’s boyfriend and listening to their loud sex from her bedroom. She likes what she has seen and heard, and decides to make some daring moves to win her Momma’s boyfriend over.

Over 4,000 words of taboo erotica awaits. BBW, public sex, and more!

“That’s where I go to school,” she said.
“Brigham U?” Dillon asked. “I graduated from there myself. Ages ago, though.”
“What’d you study?” She asked.
“Music,” he answered. “I was a bat out of hell on a guitar. I’d shred that sonofabitch every Friday night in the bars downtown.”
Starla laughed. “And do you?”
Dillon shrugged. With his sharp, stubble and baseball cap, he was far more unpolished than how he looked in the photos. But, his physi que sure hadn’t changed. And Starla found any reason to touch him or brush against his skin as he spoke.
“Not as much as I like,” he replied. “Mostly do construction and hang out with my friends.”
“Well, when you play again let me know.” Starla smiled, nudging him in her arm. “I’d like to listen.”
Dillon blushed. “What about you?” He asked. “What do you study?”
“I’m an undecided.”
Dillon laughed. “You can still be undecided? I thought they forced you to choose a major nowadays.”
Starla shrugged. Her body subtly shifted, turning to him as he waited for a response. He glanced over at her and noticed that her skirt had been hunched over her hips, The bare outline of her round ass made him stiffen. Dillon quickly turned away before Starla could notice his wandering eyes. But, that was exactly what she wanted from him. She reached over and stroked his thigh.
“What are you doing?” He asked, slapping her hand away.
“I want you,” Starla replied. At a red light, Dillon had a chance to look at her face, perverse with desire. Her lips wet and full, her green eyes sparkling for him. Her sweater was small and showed off her midriff. He couldn’t help himself, and his hands reached for her, stroking her belly.

Expect to enjoy the following themes:
-Age Difference
-Public Sex
-Anal Sex

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ISBN: 9781311839398
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