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Golden Realm Stories Anthology

275 pages3 hours


A collection of fine stories guaranteed to give you hours of reading pleasure. Included are the novel, "The Dreamers Awaken," and the short stories "To Hell and Back: The Demon Lord," "Cartoon, Shades of Gray: The Portal is Opening," "Perihelion, Episode One: The Convolution," "A Baker Street Adventure Snippet: The Death of Conan," and the "The Nano Kid."

This is a chance to sample the wide ranging fantasies, adventures and science-fiction stories that the very prolific author, John Pirillo, writes at a fantastic price.

The stories range from two lovers reunited after lifetimes of romance that ended badly, a Special Forces Demon Fighting Unit, a trio of scientists who navigate pocket
universes populated with characters from our fairy tales, the author Conan Doyle as an integral partner in adventures that involve Sherlock Holmes, and a young man who is made of nano particles and has an agenda that just might not fit well with some humans.

Fantasy, Adventure, Science Fiction, Mystery and Detective stories all under one cover.

Read and enjoy!

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