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In response to a review below, Germano also has a book on turning diss's into books; I'll read it soon.

It's hard to know how to rate a book like this: I'm inclined to give it 5 stars if, and only if, my book, knock on wood, finds its home in every home, and adulation on every corner.

Bits of the book are jarringly obsolete; references to the 'Net [sic: the word he wants is "Intertubes"], disks (including Zip disks), and uncertainty about the couthness of email abound. Hurrah for the precise map of the ideal inquiry letter, but for a book with so much (necessary, welcome) handholding, I'm a bit miffed about the omission of guidance on the line-spacing of the project description. No more than 5 pages, sure; but is that double or single spaced?

I would recommend that all readers supplement it with anything by Lindsey Waters on the death of the monograph. Germano sniffs at proclamations of its death, but I still think Waters--or John Holbo for that matter--knows what's already arrived.
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