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Dakota Skies

113 pages2 hours


A natural tracker does all he can to help a woman escape the Dakota Territory

When the harsh winters of the Black Hills snuffed out his father’s life, Miles Donovan was left with no inheritance but knowledge of every trail, creek, and ridge in the Dakota territories. He put his scouting instincts to work for the US cavalry, helping them chase Sioux raiding parties across terrain where few white men dared to tread. It was in that unforgiving country that he learned to hate Tom DeFord, a savage gunman whom Miles once saw kill a Blackfoot woman in cold blood.

His scouting days behind him, Miles is cooling his heels in Deadwood when the beautiful Della Adair hires him to escort her out of town, and across the dangerous Dakota plains. When Tom DeFord comes after Della and her gold, Miles will make a stand, turning his guns against the deadliest killer the Dakota Territories  have ever known.

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