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The Land Grabbers

121 pages2 hours


Framed for murder, an honest man rides over the desert to clear his name

Jake Shockley has his feet up in the tavern when his twin comes through the door. The stranger isn’t his brother, but may as well be, and Jake sees opportunity there—a chance to erase years of warrants and wanted posters with a single quick kill. He lures his lookalike into the alley, knocks him out, and waits until a rider comes along. Jake shoots his twin through the heart and skips town, leaving Giles Clanahan to take the blame.

At first, Clanahan is praised for killing the notorious bandit, but when the townspeople realize the dead man isn’t Shockley, they sentence Giles to hang. He escapes, and sets out across the desert, planning to bring justice to the man who framed him—even if it means dying in the sand. 

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