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Dead Man's Guns

156 pages2 hours


Rescued by settlers, an injured lawman fights to regain his memory

His horse shot out from under him, the sheriff scrambles across ragged wasteland, desperate to outrun the four riders behind him. Bullets sing through the air as the chase comes to an abrupt halt at the lip of the Snake River Gorge. Far below him, the rapids roar through the canyon, and the lawman has no choice but to jump. He falls, slamming his head on a rock, and sinks into unconsciousness.

He washes up on the riverbank near a small farm, where young Teresa Bright drags him to safety. His rescuer finds no clue to his identity but a piece of a badge nestled in his front pocket. She and her father wash and dress the stranger’s wounds, but they can do nothing to bring back his shattered memory. Whoever this man is, there were killers on his tail, and they will not rest until he’s found. 

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