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Incident at Coyote Wells

119 pages2 hours


In the barren Sonora desert, a thirsty drifter makes a promise to a dying man

Fresh out of jail, John Magadan sets out for the oasis of Coyote Wells. When he finds the spring dried up, he knows he will likely die. He trudges on, and hears a voice calling from the sands—a gutshot man pleading for water that John does not have to give. The man presses silver into John’s hand, begging him to take it to Yuma, to tell his sweetheart how he died. John agrees, even though he sees no chance of making it there alive.

Soon after he rides on, John’s horse gives out, sending him crashing to the ground unconscious. When he comes to, he’s in an unfamiliar place, being interrogated by men who suspect him of killing the man in the desert. Killers, lawmen, and Yaqui Indians all want John Magadan’s hide. He survived the desert, but the trip to Yuma will be deadly.

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